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We believe children learn through play, and it is for this reason that we provide programs that are play based. We provide a continuous developmental curriculum designed specifically to nurture your child's emerging capabilities. Staff work in consultation with families to provide a truly individual program which is exciting and challenging for each child. The program is always available to parents, and you are welcomed to discuss your child's progress and view devlopmental records with your teacher at any time. We provide experiences that will give your child an educational advantage, including numeracy and literacy programs.

ELYF (Early Learning Framework) is the National early childhood curriculum developed by the Australian and State governments to ensure children are given quality learning opportunities. The play based learning allows children to be guided through their own interests and experiences. The framework supports the principles, practices and outcomes to support and enhance young children's learning from birth to five years as well as their transition to school. The framework recognises the importance of communication and language as well as social and emotional development within a long day care setting.

A personal digital portfolio is provided for each child through kindy hub which charts your child's exciting journey throughout the year. We will be organising shows and displays within the centre to extend childrens' interests in certain areas and in conjunction with the centres broad goals, all of our shows are interactive and will include:

  • multicultural activities
  • educational animal experiences
  • community service demonstrations
  • music & movement
  • Little Big Sport (soccer sport)
  • Nikko Nikko (japanese)